Tabletop Terrariums – The Perfect Indoor Gardens


Creating a terrarium is the perfect way to add a touch of green as well as charm to your home. And after an absence of many years, they are back in fashion as a tabletop accessory.   One of the earliest science projects I remember doing with my Mother’s assistance was creating a  terrarium in a glass rectangular container that was first used for our guppies and goldfish!   While the variety of shapes and sizes of glass containers today is virtually  endless,  a “themed” terrarium can easily be created for most anywhere in your home, porch, or even in an outdoor room or on a porch.  Ferns, succulents, kalanchoes, African violets, miniature orchids, and tropical green plants are excellent plant selections for indoor gardens.  Great sources for containers include craft stores, antique shops, and thrift stores.   Tabletop gardens, economical and surprisingly easy to create, are fun projects for…

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breath of fresh air

heather ross { natural eclectic }

Spring has finally arrived with flowers and sprigs of green rising from the earth! Recently I was looking around at all the different vintage and antique vessels at our shop and thought  they’d be charming potted up with succulents into adorable little groupings. It had me thinking….how is it that house plants have become trendy again?

succulent display Heather Ross

All of a sudden everybody wants terariums and succulents, macramé hanging baskets and curly leafed fig trees. Just yesterday I was looking at the antique Chinese noodle cupboard in my living room ( atop which I’m currently storing two lampshades ) and thought “I should put some ferns on that”. My partner’s out of town and I find myself wanting to play house and freshen up this place but I never really been one for houseplants. So I had a chuckle with myself. I thought ‘you’re being influenced by trends’! lily of the valleyOf course were all influenced by…

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What is Your Succulent Style?

Geek Gardens

Spring is upon us, or will be soon.  With it comes a new freshness and a re-commitment to all of our favorite plants. Whether it is flower beds, veggie gardens, planters, all focus for the next few weeks will be on the outdoors. However, not everyone has outdoor space to plant the garden of their dreams.  Others want their fresh green friends indoors and out. Whatever the motivation, succulents are a great option indoors and out.  Later this spring we will feature more on outdoor succulents.  But for now, I wanted to take some time to highlight some different options for succulents indoors.  Terrariums are all the rage, but there are so many more options for succulents, we don’t need to limit ourselves to one particular style. One of my favorite things to do with succulents is to group individually potted plants in unique, unexpected containers. Arranging them is part…

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Mayday! Underground Crafts + Art


I’m so grateful and excited to announce that Prismatic Gardens will be participating in Mayday! Underground Crafts + Art Fair (located in the Village Gate) on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 from 10am-4pm. There’s free parking and admission, and even free grab bags! Come see Prismatic Gardens and a wide array of different talented artists and artisans and maybe pick up a handmade gift or two.

Interested? Check out the FB page for details:

I look forward to seeing you all there 😉


Rochester Brainery April Bazaar

Prismatic Gardens will be back at the Rochester Brainery for the April Bazaar! Decorate for Spring with one of these adorable floral garden terrariums! Available for only $15 each 🙂

Floral Oasis Hanging Garden / Terrarium

Floral Oasis Hanging Garden / Terrarium

Marimo Moss Ball Terrariums

Marimo Moss Balls make great pets/companions. To keep a Marimo moss ball as a pet, all that is needed is a water change every couple of weeks. Marimos are truly unique and special! Did you know that they are native to Lake Akan in Hokkaido, Japan and are considered a national treasure in Japan. Even festivals are held each year in Japan to celebrate their charm and beauty. It is believed they bring good luck to their owners. Marimo moss ball terrariums make great graduation/birthday/office/bridal shower giftsImage!

Succulent Gardens: Terrarium Workshop @ The Rochester Brainery in Village Gate

For anyone who’s interested, I will be teaching a Succulent Gardens: Terrarium Workshop at the Rochester Brainery in Village Gate on Thursday, March 20th (the first day of spring!) from 7pm-9pm. For $30 you will have a lovely, fish bowl-style terrarium filled with succulents, moss, stones, and other organic materials to take home with you. What better way to welcome Spring than by making your very own almost self-sustaining, miniature home garden.

Interested? Click on this link to sign up while there’s still room!


Marimo Moss Ball Aquarium: Product Review

Just received a wonderful product review of my Marimo Moss Ball Aquariums. I’m always excited to hear of happy customers who are enjoying their new terrariums / aquariums.

“Thank you!!!!! 🙂
It is perfect at my kitchen window–it makes the view infinitely better!!! :)”

Stephanie Haibach of Rochester, NYImage

Welcome to Prismatic Gardens!

Prismatic Gardens offers a unique and vibrant collection of miniature landscape creations. You will find a selection of unique, handcrafted landscape and seascape gardens, air plant and gemstone jewelry, and other botanical décor and gifts.

Bring nature indoors without the effort and maintenance that most houseplants require. These miniature worlds bring the warm presence of new life, while adding a contemporary design element to your home or apartment. These are perfect for small, urban spaces with limited room.

Air Plants, also known as Tillandsia, are plants that thrive without soil. Air Plants obtain moisture and nutrients through their leaves, so no soil is necessary. Marimo Moss Balls, are an underwater plant that requires minimal attention. No filtration or artificial light required. A bowl with water is all that is required. No green thumb required!

Whether you’d like to discover the enigmatic beauty of a crystal garden resembling an alien landscape, immerse yourself in a lush, rainbow array of flowers, relax and capture the serenity and Zen nature of the ocean, or venture deep into a forest enveloped with vibrant moss. The possibilities are endless! Each garden is individually crafted to resemble a natural landscape.

Follow Prismatic Gardens on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and check out my blog where you can see what new projects I am working on, find out what craft and fair shows I will be attending, and more!

Floral Oasis Hanging Garden / Terrarium

Floral Oasis Hanging Garden / Terrarium